Crown Royal Black: Full Bodied and Rustic Drink for Whiskey Lovers

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is one of the more prominent Whiskey manufacturers in the world. There is nothing better than some whiskey and ice cubes in the glass. If you did not know, most people add water into whiskey which ruins the taste. Whiskey must be had with just ice cubes. They have launched the Crown Royal Black which is dark and deep.

This Canadian whiskey is bended at 90 proof and is aged in charred oak barrels. The bottles cost just $30 and thus those who think price matters to be luxurious would be disappointed. This amazing whiskey is more than the price and if you need a whiskey with diamond caps and golden bottles it certainly is not what you might be looking for.

Crown Royal Black may be cheap and inexpensive but it tastes good, and smells awesome and would still give you the same high that you might get from drinking one of the ridiculously expensive whiskeys. After all, it is the taste, smell and the experience that matter, and when this gives you all why bother about its cheap price? In fact, you should gladly buy it!

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  • Just want to point out that you have it backwards. Water usually improves whisky; ice often ruins it. Also if you think drinking “ridiculously expensive” whisky is about getting high…well, I don’t even know what to say.

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