Strange Wall Clock Is an Expression of Art

There have been several kinds of watches and time pieces and each of them looks better than the other. However, we are always taken by surprise when we see something new and innovative, for human mind always desires the novel. Here is a time piece that tells you time in an artistic manner. It does not come with digital display, roman numerals or Arabic numbers.

It does not come with the coveted tourbillion and it does not have anything that would make you think it is a time piece. The OV’L is unique in itself because it comes with concentric circles that tell you time in an artistic manner. It tells you day, month and year as well. You would need some time to get used to reading time on this watch, but it is worth the effort.

So go ahead and get this watch before it is too late. Oh of course, it should first be available in the market for you to buy it. It is still a concept and would be available when someone decides it is a good wall mounted clock to be marketed. Meanwhile, you could take a look at other watches and wall clocks that we have written before.

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