Martell Experience Boutique Now Available At The Hong Kong International Airport

The luxury Cognac brand, Martell, has announced the opening of an all new Martell Experience Boutique at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), so as to provide the passengers with a luxurious and exclusive experience. The all new outlet was inaugurated at the HKIA Terminal 1 Arrivals zone and will be operated by Sky Connection, a company that runs a liquor and tobacco duty free shop in the airport.

The inaugural ceremony for the Martell Experience Boutique witnessed the arrival of some of the top management executives from Martell, including the Chairman of the company, Pernod Ricard, CEO Patrick Ricard and Pernod Ricard Asia Chairman and CEO Pierre Coppéré. The all new Martell Experience Boutique has been designed to create a seamless fusion of heritage, culture, tradition and craftsmanship.

The boutique at the airport terminal will be able to attract a lot of visitors due to the fact that, the ambience and the location of the store is most suitable for the boutique to display its finest collection of Cognac. Sky Connection is banking upon the popularity of Martell and the fact that, the boutique is in the duty free area of the airport, in turn providing the passengers with a unique experience of luxury and exclusivity.

According to Anne Claire Rodary (Marketing Director, Martell & Co.),

“The new style will create a distinctive, international signature for Martell, providing consumers with a unified, impressive visual experience of the brand. The new identity will stamp our mark as a contemporary, luxury Cognac brand, while ensuring we stay true to our heritage.”

Via Moodie Report

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