Dinosaur Jr. Nike SB Zoom Look Sparkly and Hip

Dinosaur Jr. is an Alternative Rock band and even Kurt Cobain was a huge fan of this band. This rock band inspired other bands to get into the grunge movement and thus grunge became a cultural phenomenon. The band was really famous during the 1980s, and thus in order to revive their superb legacy, here are some cool sneakers which you could wear to a grunge concert.

Dinosaur Jr. Nike SB Zoom comes in hideous green and sparkly purple, but they look grungy nonetheless. It is a little weird that Nike would produce sneakers that are influenced by a Grunge band. I am sure loads of people would like to buy these shoes even if they are not fans of Dinosaur Jr. Grunge can’t be liked by everyone and likewise, these shoes can’t be liked by everyone.

There is no information about the price and availability but you could try and contact the guys at Nike for more information, or visit a Nike store and ask them if it is available. If the Dinosaur Jr. shoes are not available, you sure would get their t-shirts at least.

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