Chopard goes Wild with its latest Animal World Collection

Chopard has gone wild! Now! Now! Don’t raise your eyebrows people! I am talking about its latest collection, the Animal World Collection of 150 spectacular animal-inspired pieces, which also holds the unique feature of being their largest collection based on a single theme.

This 150 piece, new collection has been created to celebrate Chopard’s 150th anniversary. Making the collection required 20,000 arduous hours of work and involved shaping and setting of a mind blowing 250,000 stones! And the hard work really shows because each one of the pieces in this collection is a fine example of brilliant craftsmanship.

Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, Chopard’s co-president and artistic director told WWD that, “I really wanted to make them like sculptures”. These pieces surely aren’t any less than the sculptures of those great Renaissance artists for they bring the pristine beauty of nature into these precious creations. The black and white Diamond stork earrings, which are shaped like storks delivering bundles made of briolette-cut kunzite.

Scheufele has also stated that if people want to buy one of these Chopard creations, then they will have to reserve it and get it at the end of November. For something as beautiful as these jewels, one would say that they are definitely worth the wait.

Via: Vogue

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