Manga Robot Makes Coffee Better than a Barista!

Life is a drag, and when you have to get up in the morning and make a cup of coffee for yourself, it becomes worse. If there is no slave around you to take care of your needs, you should at least get some mechanized hands in order to help you with your morning chores. Here is a cool robot that would make coffee for you in the morning and wake you up.

It would not only make your mornings less terrible but it would also make you look forward to something in the morning. Clockwork’s little manga-bot can make a cup of coffee for you every morning and when you look at the video below, you sure would love to get it for yourself. It is not clear of this robot is for sale but even if it is not, you could certainly dream about getting one for yourself.

Japanese always have a fetish for robots, and that is perhaps why they are so robotic anyway. The Manga Robot could just be a way of reminding you that soon our world would be taken over by mechanized beings who would master us instead of serving us. If you are game with the idea, try and get a robot somehow.

Via: techna Bob

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