KaBling: Wires with Shiny Stones for Bling Crazed geeks

If you ever wanted to find out why so many people are so obsessed with bling, the answer is quite simple. It is just that they have a trashy taste about just about anything, and if something shines a lot, they assume it is glamorous. Here is yet another product like that which comes with bling of course, but surprisingly it is also one of the most unlikely product to be attached to bling.

KaBling Cables come with some shiny stones attached to them, and they would make you computer look “glamorous”. While one can’t be sure what kinda stone these are, the wires certainly shine, and in case you think your wires are looking ugly, you could find satisfaction in the fact that the wires shine.

This apparently also answers the dilemma of bringing bling to cables. Geeks who would like to appear glamorous could go ahead and get these cables, while I am not sure how much they cost and where they might be available. It could be a great gift to some geek who kept annoying you that Swaraovski crystals when used in large numbers, turn anything into a piece of luxurious thing.

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