Joseph Stalin’s car to be sold on JamesList

Anyone who has studied even a bit of Russian history will not try to negate the awe that the phenomenon called Stalin commanded. His name has been forever etched on the pages of history. Now a piece of history can be yours. A ZIS-110 limousine belonging to Joseph Stalin will be put up on sale on JamesList.

Like everything in history, even this car has a history. Stalin had been gifted a Packard Super Eight by Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II. He was so impressed by the car that he decided to get it manufactured in the USSR as well. And so, Zil, short for Likhachev Factory, began manufacturing a “variant” of the car and called it ZIS-110. The manufactures are still functional today, making cars which according to them are no less than Maybach and Rolls-Royce.

Stalin’s ZIS-110, 1949 model, served as the communist Tsar’s parade car, and hence has very little mileage, around 1276km. It was restored to its original specs in 2001. One would obviously wonder why this car isn’t being kept in a museum where all such memorabilia of historic icons are kept. Well, one could call it pure luck. Coming to the prize, well, lets just say, owning a piece of history isn’t cheap.

Via: Jameslist

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