Buffet Dining Table with Silk Patterns Steals the Show

If you have noticed how ordinary and boring buffet tables look, you might have even thought of not having any more buffet parties at your home just out of fear that people may think you lack taste. It does sometimes happen so and people judge others based on what they use as furniture and the kind of furniture they use as well.

If you would still like to have buffet parties, here is a cool table that would instantly grab the attention of your guests. It comes with a great design and the kind of style that it has is amazingly chic. Mementoitalia has created a really beautiful buffet dining table that comes with an organic silk print in the front. Thanks to this silk, there is a dynamic appearance which cannot be achieved with any other plain black surface.

There is no information about the price or availability but I am sure you would like to contact the manufacturers for further details. Go ahead, and get yourself this beautiful buffet dining table and parties would never be the same again in your garden. Of course, don’t let people make uninvited visits just ‘cos of this table.

Via: Design Milk

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