Treadmill Bicycle for those with a Quirky Taste

Sometime people like to buy things that are absolutely inane, and things that are actually not necessary. People like to have a motorcycle that comes with handles for hanging your laundry, or maybe a TV table that has space to store hamburgers.

Now, here is another crazy gadget that is a treadmill, but can move around like a bicycle. The Treadmill Bicycle is a bizarre vehicle and gadget that allows you to exercise out in the open but just as you would do cardio on a treadmill. It is a cross between bike, a scooter and your run-of-the-mill home treadmill and you could still feel like you are doing the treadmill.

It does not even come with any digital screens to tell you how many kilometres you did, and does not have any sort of LCD screens to guide you through your workout. This gadget I am sure is going to be very expensive, considering the fact that most of these weird vehicles and gadgets are overly priced. Do take a look at the video, and you just might get inspired to buy it for yourself. It apparently costs CD$2500.

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