Supernova: The Solar Hybrid Megayacht from Sauter Zero Carbon Design

The latest offering in the upcoming trend of eco-friendly yachts is the Supernova by Sauter Zero. The super and megayacht makers are increasingly trying to reduce carbon footprints without compromising on the luxury features.

The latest hybrid yachts are top notch when it comes to knotting speed and the luxury facilities offered. The 60-m Solar Hybrid Megayacht is being billed as the first ultra green megayacht. This novel yacht consists of wing sails that are half in size of the other monohulls, to help achieve greater thrust and lesser drag. It boasts of sophisticated hydro and aerodynamic design that utilizes sun, wind and wave energy to make her the fastest power sailing superyacht in the world with a speed of 17kts.

By using multiple diesel electric drives supported by fully rotational wing sails, power sailing wave motion regeneration, a huge solar cell array and UPS backup, it achieves an astonishing 75 to 100 percent reduction in CHG emissions.

Richard Sauter, the founder of Sauter Zero Carbon Design, believes that their one of a kind carbon neutral approach will bring about a revolution in the reduction of carbon footprints in the yachting industry as a whole.

Via: marinebusiness-world , Sauter Design

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