MV Doulos, the Ageing Bookshop-ship Would Now Be a Luxury Hotel on the Sea

MV Doulos is almost a heritage ship and has seen 96 years of the wretched human history. The ship is one of the oldest still serving the seafarers, and now it is going to host luxury guests as it would soon be turned into a hotel. The MV Doulos Hotel would come with restaurants and a bookshop. Singapore businessman, Eric Saw is going to invest a whopping $5.33 million in order to upgrade the archaic and dying ship into a girl again.

Saw, director of BizNaz Resources International purchased the ship for an undisclosed amount from German Christian charity GBA Ships who used to use the ship as a floating bookshop. With luxury hotel rooms, restaurants, banquet rooms, a maritime museum and offices, Doulos would now operate under the new name of Duolos Phos.

This ship sure has seen the depravity of wars, drudgery of being a bookwork and the betrayal that books do to humans in the name of intellectualism, and shall now see the beauty of luxury and decadent lifestyle in the final moments of its life. In fact, thanks to luxury, the Duolos which was to be sent to a scrap yard will now rejuvenate into a shining luxury cruise liner.

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  • I would like to suggest that it could be better to inform the global public the starting operations date of the new doulos phos ship. The floating bookshop is of the most important for us who intend to have more studing materials(books,etc)for our proposed colleges/universities, please consider Dar es Salaam – Tanzania port to be placed at the top line of your sarting moving ship schedule. The dying doulos ship passsed at Dar es Salaam port the past five years. Since then, we have no any updates.
    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to advice

    Kweli Nahason.

  • This is a very strange post!

    “the betrayal that books do to humans in the name of intellectualism”

    Do you realise that for 30 years the Doulos played a vital role in providing much needed literature to millions of people in developing countries – encouraging literacy and giving hope to a whole generation!

    None of it done in the name of ‘intellectualism’.

    The cost to renovate this ship would be better spent continuing the legacy of reaching people with Good News – something which Doulos will always be remembered for. Now it’s just a hunk of steel with no noble purpose at all.

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