Espace Jules Verne of the Maison d’Ailleurs Unveils the Vernoscope

It’s been sometime since I saw something interesting coming out of the Baselworld 2010 on the net. I am not really sure if this watch had got something to do with Baselworld 2010, but it sure looks like it had! The watch looks really chic, vintage and beautiful. The Espace Jules Verne of the Maison d’Ailleurs, Yverdon saw the unleashing of the amazingly chic Vernoscope. The name reminds me of the silly box that I was taught to build, called Periscope.

The Vernoscope measures 50 cm wide and 50 cm high and comes with brass and copper pipes and 4 openings. Jean-Yves Kervévan also has created some amazing display of moon meteorite particles. The watch costs $149,485 and that is a hell lot of money for a watch, even if it is this beautiful! There are three different kinds of these watches available and depending on what you want choose the one you get.

I surely am not going to invest so much of money on something like this for watches just tell time, and instead if you could spend that money and TIME to relax by the sea or atop a mountain, it would be just great! Or take one of the many cruises we regularly feature!

Via: World Tempus

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