Diamond Studded MacBook Air Is Too Heavy to Carry Around

Like always, there are always the occasional bling-ridden gadgets that come with the tag of luxury. Stuart Hughes is known for such gadgets and all that he needs are a bagful of diamonds, a fistful of gold nuggets and some platinum to make a gadget transform into a luxury device. For people who believe that gadgets can be luxurious based only on the fact that there are lifeless stones and metals on it, I staunchly refuse to believe so.

Stuart Hughes had recently launched one of these gadgets too and within a span of few days has announced yet another blinged out “most expensive” gadget.  The latest entry is the World’s most luxurious Laptop, modded by Stuart Hughes. Some of the things that the MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition has are half kilograms of Platinum, Apple’s logo in platinum, 25.5 cts of ‘I’F’ Flawless 53 diamonds, and of course the burden of carrying increased weight.

The idea of a laptop is to make it as thin and light as possible, and not add metal and stones to make it heavier. This one would also make you a target for being stabbed or kidnapped. It costs $210,000 but looks kinda attractive nonetheless. If you would like to use a laptop within the house, and if you have extra security at home, buy it.

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