Andreas Wirth Designs Wooden Sideboard that Transforms into a Lounge Bar

There is nothing better than a drink every evening, especially with the man you want. In fact, it is said that a drink a day helps you to clear your mind and also escape from the reality. Of course, it does damage to your body but then, we all have to kick the bucket sooner or later, so why not drink till the last day?

If you share these views, the SI4 Lounge bar by designer Andreas Wirth could just be what you need to go in style. It comes with a remote control and lets you drink whenever you please, and even if you are struck with cirrhosis and you are breathing your last, technology will make it easier for you to uncork the bottle. There is also an ominous wooden sideboard which would help you to stash all the drink accessories.

It is varnished brightly and the wooden veneers add to the class. Within no time, you could turn this sideboard into a bar and reveal your true self as a bloody alcoholic on the verge of saying “hi” to St. Peter. If only Andreas Wirth designed a matching coffin, it would all have been too easy for you.

Of course, the coffin should put you inside with a remote control to make things easy for others! For instance, when you kick the bucket, your friends might be too drunk to pull you inside the coffin. A remote would help them, get rid of you and get another drink all with the push of right buttons!

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