Vaja Unveils Luxury Leather Case for iPhone

Your iPads are going to get transformed into text pads with the new leather case launched by Vaja. The picture you just got in your mind might not be pretty (as I didn’t want it to be), but trust me, there are some people who would compromise on looks just to make sure that their laptops and iPhones are scratch less.

These protective casings designed by Vaja are made of full grain cowhide, which is apparently one of the best in Argentina. I can understand why they used cow hide leather, as it appears to be much cleaner than the regular ones. If you want one custom made you will have to allow them with 15 days.

They also offer protective coverings for iPods, laptops, palmtops, Touch phones and iPhones, it is very well understood by them that once these precious little belongings of ours get scratch, we go into a serious depression.

These protective leather coverings will hit the market in the month of April and the price range will be $50 to $70. Well, I still feel that your belongings can do much better than having a cow skin on them, but if you manhandle them very frequently then you should completely go for these.

Via: Apple Gazette

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