Schinder’s List of Jews Goes on Sale

They say, “History repeats itself” and this time history shall surely repeat itself but in a much different light from what it usually is. Finally, after a two-year long negotiation to represent the rights for the famous Schindler’s List of Jews saved from the cruel Nazi Holocaust during the World War Two, is offering it for private sale for $1.5 million. I wonder why history needs to be sold when it must be in fact created.

The list includes the names and the birth dates of the men, women and children saved by the powerful Schinder from being killed in the gas chamber. Apparently, it is believed to be one of the only five known to exist. Out of the other four, two of them are in the hands of Israeli Holocaust Museum, one is in Koblenz in Germany, and the other is in the famous Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

Spielberg made an Oscar winning movie based on the Schinder’s List. Ben Kingsley played the lead role in the movie and it was much appreciated by viewers. Schindler was the ultimate hero who could confront Hitler and rescue the condemned Jews who worked in his factory in Krakow, Poland during the World War Two. Schinder is credited for saving as many as 1,200 Jews during the war.

Via: DailyMail

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