Presenting The All New LUXA2 H2 Mobile Holder For Handsfree Comfort

For all those readers who are the proud owners of smart phones such as Apple iPhone, Google Nexus One, Motorola Droid etc., there is a new very simple, yet extremely elegant accessory available in the market, that will sure make your smart phone experience more fun and that much handsfree.

This all new product is called the, LUXA2 H2 mobile holder, that lets you enjoy all the features of your smart phones, from multimedia content to web browsing without having to hold the device in your hand. This gorgeous stand has been designed and developed specifically for the mobile devices such as iPod Touch, iPhone 3G & 3G S, iPod Classic, PDAs and smart phones. This brilliant look mobile holder is made entirely from aluminum, that offers durability and is absolutely corrosive resistant.

The secret behind its incredible durability is the silicone pad design through which, LUXA has been able to provide the mobile holder with a smooth and flat surface as well as adhesive properties. As the device attached to the device firmly secure in its position, therefore, users can even flip their device without any worries and use them at whichever angle they prefer.

Via: Legit Reviews

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