Luxury Product Vendors Now Targeting Private Air Travelers

Nowadays, the executives and people of such stature are more and more leaning towards private traveling than using the commercial alternative. The reason being, that, they get their much desired privacy and a VIP treatment of the highest of standards. Keeping I mind this growing trend of private air travel, luxury product vendors have now focused their attention to this new sales opportunity.

The world’s only in-flight shopping website, Private Shoppe has announced that, six new luxury bands have now entered in to a deal with the online shopping service, wherein these brands will be advertising and selling their products via this service. The Private Shoppe list is unique in itself because of the fact that, only selected brands and products are allowed to be placed in the catalog, So far, the Creative Director and Lifestyle Editor for Private Shoppe, Deedee Morrison has okayed only handful of luxury brand, such as Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream, Elan Residences, Heritage Shortbread, Turbosonic, Waggoner Chocolates and Wine Soiree to be featured on the online catalog.

The Private Shoppe service scours the globe for some of the most luxurious products and brands to be showcased in the highly coveted online service. This ranges from as simple a product as family-made shortbreads to incredibly luxurious estates. The exponential growth in private air travels and charter flights has convinced Private Shoppe and vendors alike, that the next big step in luxury products sales is the private air travel.

According to David Bannister (Executive, Private Shoppe),

The vendors are all great vertical category leaders, come from different regions and their products have a wide price range: from gourmet Hawaiian ice cream for $15.00, to sophisticated Health & Wellness Machines up to $15,000. We are proud to have them on board.


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