LEDs Take a New Form with the LightForm

Having a hard time flaunting your newly bought car? Let LEDs do the talking. We all remember when LEDs were introduced no one thought that they will cover the market of shine and glitter so rapidly. Here it is once again in a brand new form, the LightForm!

Cars, motorbikes, cycles, you can stick these strips on anything you want and make your belongings superfluously opulent. Earlier the LED ropes had taken the market by storm, but these strips will certainly make them a passé.

The thickness of these strips is less than 1 millimeter and this makes them amazingly flexible, almost capable of bending along with any steep curve! To optimize your experience with the LightForm, you can fix them under surface and crevices and achieve that ‘secret-glow’ effect! The adhesive on these strips is very strong and can stick to any kind of irregular surface.

This result of American engineering will surely get your creative juices flowing, you might as well wear these and stand next to a Christmas tree. It gets even better, you can even stick them around in your swimming pool to make augment the glitter in your poolside parties, as they are water resistant.

via: 1) gizmodo

2) definitivetech

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