Panasonic’s BE-ENV Is a Well Designed e-Bike for Young Men

If you thought electric bikes were always uncool and looked bad, think again. Here is an interesting bike from Panasonic that not only is high on technology but also is cool enough to be ridden by young males. Panasonic’s BE-ENV is a high class electric bike that lets you zip around the town with ease.

You would not have to bother much about anything and the last thing you would have to worry about is environment. It runs on lithium ion and can make you ride better thanks to the LCD monitor. It allows you to keep a track of average speed, distance travelled etc. Depending on the kind of battery you might choose, you can use it to travel to a distance of 69km.

The BE-ENV costs $6,600 to $8,000 and is available only in Japan. Apparently, there are no plans by Panasonic to launch this elsewhere in the world, and thus we in our sad countries would have to stick to ugly electrical bikes or use the traditional bikes which require you to pedal harder. There is something nice about staying in a country like Japan, when it comes to these things.

Via: Crunch Gear

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