Most Expensive Strike Lately: Union Strike Costs British Airways £21 Million

If you thought about how all the millions of pounds are being squandered by the British government in the name of war, think about this: British Airways strike is costing £7 million a day and the union is threatening more chaos over the coming Easter. Easter is the time when many people fly as there would be a few holidays.

Considering the amount of money spent on these strikes, imagine what British Airways could have done to improve the ageing fleet! In fact, the 3 day strike of British Airways shall cost £21 million and there could also be a fourth day of strike. While the whole world talks about scrimping and not spending money on unne3ccasry luxuries, British Airways seems to be at loggerheads with a really annoying Union that really doesn’t care about the tax payer’s money.

Britain is already reeling under a sever deficit and strikes like this could not only cause economic damage to BA but also millions of businesses that depend on BA to travel from one place to the other. This could perhaps be the most expensive strike in the past few weeks. Talk about expensive spending!

Via: Daily Mail

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