McLaren Makes a Ferrari Equivalent and Offers It at Half the Cost!

McLaren’s long awaited dream has come true, it has finally unveiled its swanky ‘Supercar’, which according to them is the ‘F1 car for the road’. Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button were chosen to introduce this sleek car, as they very well represent the formula one team in the world.

Ron Dennis, the owner of McLaren, said that he always wanted to make a car which would be supreme and affordable. He shelled out $40million to build the factory and Sir Norman Foster is at the helm of building this factory, which shall create 300 jobs.

The car has one-piece carbon -fibre chassis, which is not only strong, but also expensive. The aerodynamic style of this car will surely impress all the modish people. It has a V8 twin turbo engine having capacity of 3.8 litre, which makes the car swoosh at abnormally high speed. The engine can develop a pulling power of 600 brake-horse-power, (which may I remind you, is a lot of power) and can accelerate to 60mph in 3.4 seconds.

McLaren is gearing up to manufacture about 1,000 cars in the coming year. They will become a big hit amongst the ‘swanky-car-lovers’ as these cars will be somewhat eco-friendly (they will emit carbon dioxide below 300g/km).


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