Fancy a Hat Made of Animals Hit by Speeding Vehicles?

You might have felt a nagging sense of guilt every time you saw an animal dead on the street after it was hit by some vehicle. Roadkills are frequent and most of the carcasses are left to rot. However, here is a fashion designer who has chosen to be a little different and has used all the roadkill to create hats.

Mr Faulkner, 27, of Edinburgh has used feathers or furs of foxes, magpies, rabbits, wood pigeons, pheasants, mallards, crows and peacocks and created 36 animal hats. He studied Fine Art and History of Art but has now decided to start a business of hats. The hat may sound gory and sinister but none of the hats were created by killing a living animal and thus it was all about creating something beautiful out of something very gruesome.

It really is worthy of praise as nobody would give a thought about the sorry animals who get killed. They will at least be given a proper treatment after their death by turning them into something beautiful and fashionable. This should change the minds of people who think fashion has no heart.

Via: Telegraph

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