Water Water Everywhere, But Boyd Sells it for $44 a Bottle!

God would be scratching his head right now, looking at Kevin Boyd, founder Bling H20, as this guy sells His most abundant creation and sells it for a mind blowing $44 a bottle!

Even 20 years back, who would have thought that water, would become such a status symbol! But for the rich and famous it has. Having worked with many celebrities as a writer and producer of television shows, Boyd realized that. And boy, did he make good use of that!

He decided to start a luxury brand of water that would not only quench their thirst for water but also quench their thirst for status and attention.

Packed in a snazzy frosted glass bottle encrusted with Swarovski crystals, it was sure to catch everyone’s eye. And if the crystals on a water bottle weren’t enough then the pricing of $44 per bottle sure was. One would think that such an exorbitant pricing would catch a lot of bad publicity. But as they say, any publicity is good publicity. “The price point is what got us on AOL’s front page, and then you name it from Forbes’ outrageous list to Playboy, GQ to Maxim.” To highlight the brand value and simultaneously reduce costs, Boyd sold the product as a limited edition.

But Boyd says it’s not just the publicity that carved out a niche for Bling H20. The water is sourced from a natural spring in Dandridge, TN, where it undergoes a nine step purification process.

Kevin Boyd has certainly added a new dimension to water and made it into a fashion accessory. One would still wonder who drinks such expensive water? Well Paris Hilton does!

Via: Atlantapost

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