Tokyo: The New Luxury Destination for Middle Eastern Travellers?

Tokyo certainly isn’t the place that I would consider as a luxury destination. For many others too Tokyo is a city that is a Mecca for businessmen, entrepreneurs, technocrats and scientists. With that being the case, there would of course be a lot of money and Tokyo has been cited several times as the world’s most expensive city. However, would these distinctions make a city luxurious?

Of course, there is enough fashion, enough departmental stores and luxury hotels to make Tokyo a luxury destination. However it lacks what I call the luxury-zing. The zing that is found in decrepit streets of Prague and Paris, and the Zing that is found in the steamy streets of Rio, and the zing that is found in the languorous beaches of Cuba, and the zing which you could find in the testosterone filled skiing resorts.

However, the oil rich Middle Eastern luxury travellers are heading towards Tokyo for their holidays and non stop routes from Dubai is only making it easy for them. Eye of Dubai had an interesting piece about how Tokyo would be the luxury destination of 2010 for Middle Eastern travellers.

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