The Queen Puts Up Her Car On Sale

If you ever wanted to travel like a Queen, you could do so now. The Queen of England has put up her car for sale, and don’t really ask me if the British economy is so bad that she had to sell her car to make some money. The Daimler Majestic V8 Jaguar was used by Queen Elizabeth II to drive around the Windsor estate and also to visit the Buckingham palace.

She has driven pretty much too, and the total miles amount to 14,000 miles in just 3 years between 2001 and 2004. If you have a Launer bag just like Lizzie has, you would find space to keep that in an upright position too. It even comes with a secure telephone link to Downing Street and Home Office. Now, I am sure they would remove this customization before the car is sold to you by the queen.

The motor of the car itself costs £65,000 and just imagine how much it might cost for you to buy it! Moreover, it also is a good time to buy anything that is in Pound Sterling, as it is weak and you would get a lot more than you bargained for. The Queen must surely be waiting for some cash to come by, from this Jaguar. Would the Queen of Sao Paulo be interested?

Via: Luxury Insider

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