Prada Faces Lawsuit for It Fired “Ugly, Fat, and Old” Employees

Rina Bovrisse worked as a senior retail manager for Prada Japan. Apparently, Prada Japan chief executive Davide Sesia ordered her to fire 15 managers and 15 retail staffers as they were fat, old and ugly. She has now demanded not only monetary compensation but also a written apology from the Italian fashion house. Prada has not agreed for a settlement and have challenged Rina to go ahead and fight the case in the court.

Prada being a fashion company, needs its employees to fit the image of the company. While Rina may find it hard to bite the bullet, no fashion company can afford to hire employees who are old, fat and ugly. Fashion is about staying fit and looking good, and when the employees of a fashion company who would represent the company grow fat and ugly, why shouldn’t the company fire them?

It may hurt, it may shame but the truth is, fashion is business and those who can’t stay in the business will have to make way. The fired employees could certainly have taken care of their bodies, and fit the image of one of the world’s most important fashion companies. As for Rina Bovrisse, she must just be looking for some money and her 6 minute fame.

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