Natuzzi Sectional Sofa Hides iPod Dock and Speakers

Luxury is not about sticking diamonds, and gold in places that you don’t want to see. You will only end up looking trashy if you have a lot of that bling on you. Instead, investing in products that make your life comfortable and chic, and also tasteful is what you must aim for. Take for example this cool Natuzzi Sectional Hot. Their Sectional sofa comes with an iPod dock in the corner sofa and the two speakers are also ergonomically placed.

There is no information about when this might be available or how much it might cost. Nevertheless, considering the high quality leather that has been used, you better be sure of spending several thousands of dollars. I must say, this is one of the best sofas that I have come across and it looks good too.

Thanks to its sectional functionality, it could make your living space look more organized and removes the need for extra space for iPod docks and speakers. All that can be hidden under the sofa, and you could relax, recline and enjoy some amazing music. This could be what you always wanted!

Via: 3 Rings

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