Acura Grabs 2010 Residual Value Award For Second Year In A Row

One of the foremost names in luxury automotive, Acura has managed to grab the prestigious 2010 Residual Value Award for Best Luxury Brand second year in a row and has established itself as one of the best luxury performance vehicles in the United States wit incredible reliability standards. The award was upon Acura by the Automotive Lease Guide, a leading name in automotive finance and residual valuation..

As per the results from ALG, luxury cars from Acura have displayed time and time again that, these cars will be able to retain much of their original price after three years of purchase. Meaning that, the owners of the Acura cars will be able to sell their old cars for a lot more than the other brands. The residual value of a vehicle is measured by vehicle quality, reliability and overall brand strength. Even for the year 2010, Acura managed to keep its products way ahead that of some of the biggest names in the automotive industry, such as Audi, BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz.

The announcement of the coveted award was made by Antonino Acura from Connecticut, which is an authorized full-service dealership for Acura vehicles. As per Antonino, the 2010 Residual Value Award for Acura is a statement in itself and an can be used an instrument of realization for the customers, that Acura vehicles are far more reliable, and high performance than other luxury brands.

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