Exquisite Barbie Dolls Go Up For Auction For The Ballet Philippines

In an effort to give vital financial support to the dancers and teachers of the Ballet Philippines, some of the most exquisite and gorgeous Barbie dolls from the Ballet Barbie collection have been set for auction at The Peninsula Manila’s Rigodon Ballroom with the opening bids starting from P6, 000 to P8,000. The Barbie dolls from the “Royal” collection are expected to fetch about a minimum P11,000 per doll. Whereas, the six other dolls, that have been ordained with sparkling sports jewelry are expected to go for about P18,000 to an incredible P150,000.

Even with some of the most beautiful Barbie dolls on display for auction, the most expensive Barbie doll ever to be sold is the Diamond Castle promotional doll, that was sold in Mexico for whopping 1 million pesos, which comes to about $95,000. This one of a kind Barbie was studded with 318 round-cut diamonds, that had a combined weight of 20.66 carats. However, the 200 Barbie dolls to be auctioned in the Philippines are all dressed by 41 of the best and most famous names in Filipino fashion industry. These names include, Pepito Albert, Aureo Alonzo, Jerome Ang, Ivarluski Aseron, Avel Bacudio, Vittorio Barba, Alex Bitong, JC Buendia, Mitzi Quilendrino Bustos, Louis Claparols, Auggie Cordero, Dong Omaga Diaz, Patrice Ramos Diaz, Mike de la Rosa, Eric de los Santos, Rhett Eala, Joel Escober, Ramon Esteban, Veejay Floresca, Lulu Tan Gan, Cesar Gaupo, Katrina Goulbourn, Len Nepomuceno-Guiao, Sassa Jimenez, Gerry Katigbak, Rajo Laurel, Brian Leyva, Tina Lirag, Jojie Lloren, Jerome Lorico, Dennis Lustico, Pitoy Moreno, Tippi Ocampo, Randy Ortiz, Frederick Peralta, Eric Pineda, Puey Quinones, Barge Ramos, James Reyes, Joey Samson and Cary Santiago.


According to one of the most avid collectors of original Barbie dolls, “Menchie” D. Abelardo,

“I used to be the plastics engineer at a company subcontracted by Mattel to make the torsos. I started collecting in the ’80s. I’ve seen the evolution, from the face, there was a change in makeup, and the features, the nose and eyes are different [now]… We weren’t rich growing up, so I didn’t have any dolls; I was the only girl in a family with six boys. So I guess I’m making up for it.”

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