Elite Estate: BBC to Spend £1 Million on Hotel Bookings at Mandela Rhodes Place in Cape Town

BBC could be on its way to becoming the most extravagant broadcasting corporation ever, for they are planning to send about 84 of their journalists to South Africa. Now what makes that so horrendous? Well, BBC is going to spend £1million at the 110-room Mandela Rhodes Place in Cape Town.

Room rents there cost about £270 and £636 per night. Some of the cool facilities that they would get to enjoy are three gourmet restaurants, a trendy bar, one of the South African city’s hottest jazz venues. In fact, BBC has already been screwed by many people for using tax payers money to send 295 staff to the World Cup in South Africa.

Considering how dismal British performance has been, both on economic, political and sport fronts, this kind of expenditure is surely going to create a lot of bad press, in rival broadcast and print corporations of course. It would be cool to see if the Brits win any medals or not, or if they shall bring back some South African souvenirs like tribal art instead of the coveted medals. BBC will really be scrutinized!

Via: The Sun

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