Now Professional Luxury Spa Service On Superyachts From Charter Spa Service

There can be nothing more soothing than cool breeze of the seas along with a relaxing professional massage, and that too on board your very own yacht. In an effort to greatly enhance the sailing experience for yacht owners and guests alike, Charter Spa and Service has now introduced packages, that provide the best massage therapists and a luxurious experience all in the comfort of your super yacht, home or villa.

Charter Spa Services is known to be one of the foremost professional spa service providers have 13 years of experience in licensed massage and skin care and have catered to the needs of the yacht owners for more than 11 years. The yacht spa service introduced by the owner of Charter Spa Service, Heather Hawthorne, is devised in a way, that provides the customers with a unique and personalized spa experience. Furthermore, each and every aspect of this service is tailored as per individual customer and guarantees absolute professionalism, along with privacy and confidentiality.

Ms. Hawthorne clientele range from some of most famous influential personalities across the globe including, Prime Ministers, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, Academy Award winners, Hollywood celebrities, elite professional athletes and Coaches, musicians, fashion personalities and international politicians. In the last twelve years of the Charter Spa Service, Ms. Hawthorne has accomplished projects on some of the most well known yachts in the world, such as, Excellence III, Oasis, Fortunato, Xanadu, Phoenix, Apogee, Galaxy, Mia Elise, Lady Ann Magee, Pegasus and Big Eagle, along with numerous high profile yacht charter agencies.

According to Heather Hawthorne,

“I work with each individual client to provide a service tailored to meet their own personal needs. I strive to make their experience special, calm and relaxing, so they can leave their troubles behind and immerse themselves in the pleasures of the yachting experience.”

Via Super Yacht Times

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