Harlette Brings Out The First Diamond Studded Lingerie Clasps

Harlette is a pretty big name in Australia and the elite fashion market. The brand has luxurious lingerie collections to its credit. Now, the same company has decided to join hands with Eskae Jeweler to create a spectacular platinum lingerie suspender clasps that are decorated with nothing but the purest and most shiny set of diamonds.

It is a unique concept indeed. In fact, it was given an innovation patent 2009100676 on 14th July 2009 for being the first of its kind in the world of fashionable underwear. The clasps are shaped in the form of hearts with 135 precious ices all over. They comes with a velvet suspender or should we say garter belts at a price tag of $15K.

The spokesperson for Harlette was heard saying that the brand is more keen on exclusivity than bling. The latest collection also includes fabrics decorated with embellished crystal-beaded French lace, ostrich and peacock feathers. There is some more. Each piece has been made in hand keeping in mind everyone of the client’s needs who comes from countries like Saudi Arabia, UK, USA and Malaysia. News is that Harlette is expanding.

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