A Renovated X-Factor House Ready For Sale At $7.5 Million.

The house that served as the residence of the finalists of the reality television show in the U.K, the 2009 X Factor is now up for grabs at an astounding price of $7.5 million. The house has been renovated and has been given a thorough make over, before the sale begins.

The finalists of the series, John and Edward Grimes, Olly Murs, Joe McElderry, Stacey Solomon and the others witnessed an immense onrush of fans at this property in North London during the final days of the X Factor. This sudden torrent had compelled Simon Cowell to have a wall erected outside the premises, to provide the contestants some privacy.

The security wall, although managed to keep the fans at bay, yet it was sprayed on with numerous graffiti and messages, that had to be cleaned up, to facilitate the sale of the house. Furthermore, the house has been given a lot makeover in the terms of the rooms that during the show served as training areas and dressing rooms.

The training room, where the contestants rehearsed has now been made into a children’s play area and the dressing room for the show is now converted into a study. As per Quintessentially Estates, a company that assisting in the sale of the house, after the renovation and make over, the house is now in “perfect condition” to be sold.

Via Daily Star

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