Ralph Randolph Builds Bikes Inspired by American Airplanes Commissioned during WWII

The World War II was a huge mistake and led to the deaths of several million people unnecessarily and it all started with the monstrous Hitler sending innocent men, women and children to their deaths in the concentration camps.

The Americans thus used several powerful aircrafts to silence the Germans and the Japanese who continued to fight against the allies. These aircrafts were powerful and could drop bombs on both civilian and military areas, with Berlin being bombed very badly. Builder Ralph Randolph and his crew have created the WarBikes, which are inspired by the history of great American airplanes commissioned during WWII.

Based on those vintage aircrafts, these bikes have been built to appeal to the bikers of today and in fact based on its success, an entirely new online TV series named “WarBikes – Kickstarting History” has been launched.

You could watch the initial episodes of Gunfighter on Warbikes.com and you could admire the exhilaration, craftsmanship, ingenuity and raw attitude required to build these beautiful machines. Though these bikes are beautiful, you should not forget the atrocities that took place during the World War II, for forgetting means to repeat.

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