Mobiado Unveils Classic 712GCB that Shines with Gold

Mobiado is one of those cellphone brands who actually understand what it is to cater to the luxury market. Without making the cellphones gaudy or ridiculous, they manage to add bling, technology and aestheticism to all their products.

Mobiado is certainly one of the best in the business. With that in mind, here is an amazing cellphone called the Classic 712GCB which comes with the best of gold, sapphire crystal and stainless steel. The frame is made of CNC and is machines from brass. Moreover, the frame is hand polished and comes with gold plated look which is not gaudy but is classy in this case. There are also large sapphire crystal plates and they are painted with bare hands using gold lettering.

There is also the precision inset in to the gold body and the keypads are made from crystal, and quite predictably, they are painted using gold too. The cellphone looks great and there is no information about its price or availability. Moreover, the specifications of the cellphone is not known too, but I could safely say that the Classic 712 GCB by Mobiado is not gaudy and looks luxurious.

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