Miss Russia 2010 Gets to Wear the World’s Most Expensive Crown

The riches of Russia had kept the West mesmerized during the middles ages, and St. Petersburg was known as the riches city in the whole world. The city of St. Petersburg had the Russian royal family living and considering the amount of wealth that the poor peasants created for the rich nobility, the Russian aristocrats were hideously rich when compared with the masses, who fought for potatoes and beets.

This time around, history has changed and Russia has finally embraced capitalism much to the relief of the whole world. Thus, it should not be a surprise if Miss Russia gets to wear the world’s most expensive crown ever. The winner of the pageant, Miss Irina Antonenko from Yekaterinburg won a price amount of $100,000 and got to wear the crown which is worth more than $1 million.

The white gold crown comes with 2,358 diamonds and 14 rare pearls. In fact, the crown stole the attention from Miss Russia for it looked much pretty and beautiful than any woman that has walked this planet. If you think you deserve to wear the crown, better shell out a million and get one for yourself!

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  • It figures that Miss Russia 2010–or any year, for that matter–is Ukrainian, with that classic -enko ending of her surname.

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