Martin Aircraft Company Jetpack Allows You to Fly Even If You Are Not a Pilot

Man has always wanted to fly, and flying has been one of the most important desires that the mankind has cherished. Though we were never born with wings, we have always dreamed about flying alone, and not in airplanes.

If you have nurtured the flying dream, you might perhaps be able to do so, thanks to the Martin Aircraft Company jetpack. Some 500 units of the Martin Aircraft Company jetpack would be produced every year and it would cost you $75,000 to purchase. The 200-horsepower, dual propeller flying machine reaches a height of 8,000 feet and can fly at a speed of 60 miles an hour.

Every time you fill the tank, it could do about 30 miles, and since it just weighs 254 pounds, it does not require for you to have a pilot’s license in the U.K. However, you might want to make sure about that if you live in a different country. You could also take a look at the video which is hilarious, adventurous and would make you want to buy it the moment it is launched. It is however not advisable to fly this in urban areas for yours and others safety.

Creatively engineered by New Zealand based, Martin Aircraft Company, the all new Martin Jet pack is essentially a vertical take-off & landing (VTOL) device that is powered by a 2.0 litre V-4 piston engine. This engine directs the power to two separate ducted fans that in turn provide the essential lift for the device. Since its introduction in the U.S, Martin Jetpack has been classified as an ultra-light aircraft, after meeting all benchmark standards laid down by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). As against rotary aircrafts such as the helicopters, the Martin Jetpack has been design to be free of tail rotor, collective and food medals, thus making the device relatively much easier for the  average user to operate, even if they do not know how to fly. To ensure pilot safety, Martin Jetpack has been embedded with a ballistic parachute as a well as a state of the art fly by wire system.

Since the James Bond movies, millions across the globe has envisioned the day, when we would be crisscrossing the skies strapped in a jetpack and land virtually anywhere at any time and without any hassles. Well, those days aren’t very too long, because as soon as the Martin Jetpack is available for purchase it can be a virtual guarantee that the device will be brought with much enthusiasm amid the avid aviation enthusiasts as well as the mere curious and adventure seekers. With a top speed of 101 km/h and a maximum range of 51 km, Martin Jetpack could just as easily become a widely revered hobby of the masses.

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  • Extremely cool. Would sujest though that the pilot legs not be the first to touch the ground upon landing. Even for this trained experimenter, landing seems clumsy. The exhaust fire control is superb.

  • like anything else, a brushless inducted fan would work much better. the new butterfly batteries that are powering up the electonic test vehicles in Europe could make this really light weight and efficient but most of all,enviromentally friendly. I would like to see a more comfortable position, a light weight racing gel seat made of composite material but most of all, a parachute.

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