Haldimann Technology Announces H8 Sculptura: A Watch that Does not Tell Time

You might have heard of cars that do not travel, and flights that do not fly. Have you ever come across a watch that does not tell time? In fact, the burning question is if it can still be called a “watch” if it does not tell you the time! Well, the Haldimann Technology has announced the H8 Sculptura which has a tourbillion movement and the tourbillion is located in the centre of the dial.

There is nothing much to the “watch” anyway! The idea is to draw all your attention to the tourbillion movement instead of distracting you to other parts of the watch. It is being sold as an “art piece” and many watch reviewers are not pleased with this tag. The watch comes in a 39 or 42mm wide case in platinum and it also would have sapphires at the front and back.

The idea has been to banish time and watch the transience of it all, and how telling time would enable us to give permanence to a moment when everything is so transient and impermanent. People may not get impressed with this idea, but come to think of it time really is transient and telling time in numbers is a desperate attempt to attach permanence to single moments!

Via: Luxist

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