Dayana Mendoza and Jad Ghandour Announce $1.5 Million Gown

The recession is long gone and it is now time for some really crazy luxury stuff, which could run into millions. In fact, fashion designers are creating gowns that are luxurious in a revengeful manner. Take for example Dayana Mendoza and Jad Ghandour. Dayana Mendoza and Jad Ghandour are about to launch the $1.5 million Danasha Luxury Gown at Miami International Fashion Week.

It is a high class gown that is fit to be worn by the likes of royalty. The gown comes with all the precious gem work in diamond and gold you could imagine in your wildest of dreams. I am sure no celebrity could afford a gown like this, and usually celebrities do not spend money like that on gowns, It is indeed intriguing to wonder who might wear this expensive gown, or if it would just be kept on display.

Luxury is certainly expensive, but does one need to spend $1.5 million on a gown in order to feel luxurious? This is a question that does not bug just you and me, but even those who might actually spend on a gown like this. Nevertheless, the gown should turn out to be a beautiful piece of fashion.

Via: Style List/Labanese Fashion

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