Bath Infinity by Mukomelov Studio Is Hi-tech and Luxurious

There couldn’t be anything more luxurious than a relaxing bath, and this could be proven several hundreds of times. What is funny is that most people do not associate baths with luxury and those who do that do not see that a bath could also be associated with technology.

The Bath Infinity is one such product that comes with technology, luxury and panache that you would change the way you perceive a bath. It comes with relaxing hydro-massage jets, integrated music controls, aromatherapy dispensing options and LED lighting for soothing your nerves. The silent water flow system makes sure that you do not hurry up and you would languorously enjoy the sensual flowing of the water.

It has been designed by Mukomelov Studio and it is expected to go into production soon. It almost looks like a shell-origami and you would be transported to the joys of the perverse Orient where baths were not just about baths, but so much more than that. The steamy baths of the east could be recreated if you had a partner alongside you in the tub.

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