Audio Lounger Concept by Matt Hardman Helps You Listen and “Feel” Music, Literally

There is something uniquely luxurious about being able to relax, recline and enjoy beautiful music. All that we could do is get a great audio system and lie on the couch while our favourite track plays in the background. However, something might tell us that there could be more to listening to music than just that.

In fact, there really is a better way to listen to music which is more luxurious than traditional methods. The Audio Lounger concept by Matt Hardman is a great reclining seating arrangement that comes with four built-in high quality speakers and a large subwoofer. It would also come with a touchscreen panel on the topside of the seat so that one can play any music they want at the touch of a button.

Thanks to the LED lights, you would have a sort of atmospheric feel to the room when you are reclining and listening to music. The vibrations of the notes and musical tone would actually make you not only “listen” to music but also literally feel it through your body. This perhaps shall add to the experience of relaxing and listening to great music. There is no information about price or availability.

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