Thriller Faithful Glove Clutch: A Tribute to Alexander McQueen and Michael Jackson

2009 and early 2010 have seen a number of celebrity deaths that it almost became unbearable to listen to more of people’s death. First we got to hear about Michael Jackson’s death and then Brittany Murphy’s. Later, the fashion community was aghast to learn that Alexander McQueen passed away in the most tragic of circumstances.

With that in mind, here is a handbag that pays tribute to both Alexander McQueen and Michael Jackson. McQueen’s Thriller Faithful Glove Clutch looks almost like a Hollywood diva’s must-have, and has been created out of white Swarovski crystals. You could also find two angled zipper pockets and a white fingerless glove which look very refined. The interior has a great purple/plum lining which makes the bag look really luxurious.

The bag would certainly allow you to strike up conversations with strangers for everyone would want to know where you got it from! The McQueen’s Thriller Faithful Glove Clutch costs $1,920 and could just be one of the best that you could buy for yourself with all the money that you might have. So go ahead and get it for yourself!


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