Sony Fusion: What Every Coffee Loving Geek Must Possess

There is nothing more luxurious than being able to drink a hot cup of coffee when you are at the system slogging your bottom away. Moreover, when you have the workstation in the living room, it just becomes a pain to get to the kitchen to fetch some coffee. Sony Fusion is a conceptual table that looks refined and elegant.

It combines great technology with furniture aspects and allows you to use it as a multipurpose table and high performance desktop. With a sexy matte black aluminium and chrome lining, you could expect the table to be one of the most sensual pieces of technological furniture ever created. All you would need to do is touch the button to convert the table into a workstation and vice versa. It amazingly splits in two and reveals the LED outlined keyboard, screen and DVD drive.

The table comes in blue, white and red and costs about $3,000 for you to buy. It is not clear when it would be produced for the masses, but it is a concept and hence might take a while for it to be available in the market. It is indeed one of the best coffee tables and of course a great workstation!


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