PSP Bugatti Veyron Edition Appeals to Gamers and Luxury Connoisseurs Alike

Usually, luxury has very little to do with video games, and the only thing that could make the luxury product connoisseur to take a look at video game products is their almost repulsive mass appeal. Nevertheless, when you take a look at Won Chan Lee’s 2D rendition of the PSP Bugatti Veyron Edition, you might think twice before concluding that chic and luxury oriented people are not interested in “geekhood”.

It was created as a part of the product design course in Seoul National University of Technology. Using Photoshop, Illustrator, and some real kick-ass designing skills, the guy has created this awesome looking PSP. The device is expected to come with DHC memory card, Bluetooth for multiplayer games and 16:9 aspect ratio screen.

If only Sony takes notice of such budding talent, you could be sure that you would get to play on a cool gadget like this. Nevertheless, it is not clear how much the device might cost to be manufactured, and if they are going to be limited edition pieces, if they really are going to be manufactured.

Via Concept Phones/Coroflot

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