Phantom HD Camera Is Larger than Life!

If you were looking for a camera that was larger than life, you need not go very far. Here is what could be one of the most expensive cameras in the world. The Phantom HD Camera is an amazing machine that costs a whopping $118,000. With an unbelievable 1,052 fps high-speed 1080p recording, you could be sure that you have the best in the world that money could buy.

It also comes with other cool features such as 32GB of in-camera memory, CineMag flash memory magazines up to 512GB, an 11-stop dynamic range, 14-bit sensor depth, ISO 640 sensitivity, and others. You gotta buy this to believe it and when you buy it, every photographer would like to hold you for ransom.

Guess what they would demand when they call your guy up? Well this beauty of a camera of course! I would so love to get this camera for myself, but its sop frigging expensive that most of us could not even dare to dream of buying it! People say it is one of the best cameras to take slow motion pictures and if you are into that sort of thing, better start saving money!

Via: Uncrate

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