Elite Estate: Leading Hotels of the World Unveils Campaign for Golf Courses

Golf is one of the most popular games among the rich, though I fail to understand why. The game is not only slow but also quite boring for all you would do is stand on a patch of green and hit a ball inside a hole. While golf courses certainly are very beautiful, they are also made quite inaccessible to those who genuinely like the game.

If you are fond of golf and would like to play the game in the most exclusive golf resorts, you could try the ones associated with Leading Hotels of the World. Leading Hotels of the World is now capitalizing on its assets which are green. They have a dedicated program for corporate clients and also for others who need vacations centered around golf.

They have arranged golf excursions in Scotland, Caribbean and also in Italy. You would get to play in one of the most exclusive and stylish golf courses ever, and could be one of the ways to impress your friends and clients. You could play golf at the St. Andrews Old Course, which is one of the best in Scotland. I would say, if you are interested in golf, you would love it.

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