Brothers Dressler Pay Homage to Shoe Lasts

There are many things in this world that need a lot of admiration. Most of the times the hands that carved a sculpture would always be forgotten though the sculpture is admired for centuries. Likewise cobblers who design and fix our shoes that protect our feet are rarely given the admiration that they deserve.

With that being the case, you can’t really come to terms with some age old methods that have been long forgotten by cobblers who took the pain to create your shoes. Likewise, Jason and Lars, who are twin brothers found wooden shoe lasts at an Ontario fishing camp. The shoe lasts must have been worn by cobblers many years ago and abandoned by the river with a message “firewood for cottages”.

They have used the shoe lasts to create a table that has been titled “Last Place”. This beautiful table is minimalist and is supported by those very shoe lasts that had been abandoned at the fishing camp. Such beautiful pieces only make us want to get more and respect our long forgotten artisans and artists more. It is an amazing deal really, to get something like this for yourself!

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