O Kitchen: Something that You Should Stay Away From

If you were wondering which could be the most inanely designed kitchen gadget is, the O Kitchen could actually fit the bill. It is a spherical ball that when unfolded comes with a kitchen inside with a sink, microwave, cooking stand and all that jazz included. So, why is it badly designed?

Well, the O Kitchen measures 7 feet even when folded and can hardly be brought inside a room. Moreover, it seems to occupy more space than save. There is also no space for the person who cooks to stand comfortably. Perhaps, the portable kitchen would waste and occupy more space than a simple microwave oven or a kitchen sink. It was designed by a Brazilian team and it has received rave reviews in that country.

However, it really is not something that you would want to try if you don’t have space. Instead, you could just keep the microwave in a corner, and then cook like you never cooked before. Sometimes, in the name of saving space, you actually end up wasting a lot of it. I would say, do not even try getting this if it ever reaches the market.

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